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Online society management system helps in managing and maintaining all society activities online like facility management, complaints management, parking management, meeting management, bill management etc.

Hamari Society: Let us guide you with society maintenance software

Maintenance charges are an unavoidable reality for every apartment owner. People living in apartments or housing societies have to pay a substantial sum of money every month as maintenance charges to the society. Maintenance charges are charges gathered by an apartment society to meet the cost of retaining a housing society and the funds that may be needed for major repairs in future. Now if you are living in an apartment complex and paying the charges then it is your responsibility to make sure that the charges are being spent legally for your benefit.


The society funds have to be utilized cleverly. If charges are gathered under the head of Building Maintenance charges, then they must be spent for the repairs and maintenance of the building.


Today everyone uses various software’s for their benefit then why not software for society maintenance. For this reason, Hamari Society, brings to you online society maintenance software.


Housing Society Management Software is a user-friendly Housing Society Software. You don’t need to have any foregoing accounting experience to work with it. For the ease management of residential complexes this relevant software is compulsory. There are plenty of aspects when this type of tool is utilized; this lessens the work load of financial officer who takes care of maintenance and other responsibilities. The bills generated the balance sheet, profit and loss details, so one will know how their money is utilized rather than just paying them for maintenance.


So now if it’s about society maintenance then leave it to Hamari Society because we have the web based apartment maintenance software which uses technology for your benefit.  You trust us and will never let you regret.


“Hamari Society” is an easy-peasy & well organized Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society’s managerial activities high speed, efficient and automated.

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Relish the freedom from responsibilities

Relish the freedom from responsibilities

Society Maintenance Software Mumbai

You never change things by struggling the existing reality. To alter something, develop a new model that makes the existing model out of date. People living in societies are packed up with the responsibilities of the society especially the people managing the accounts of the society.


Housing society accounting needs a lot of tolerance and needs to be done appropriately with zero mistakes because a single mistake can lead to big problems. Very few people are there who like taking up responsibilities whereas most of them replica about it.


Technology has impacted society and its surroundings in a number of ways. In many societies, technology has aided develop more advanced economies and has let the rise of a breathing space class. Physical task has now been computerized and the work burden has considerably declined.


Hamari Society is the Society Maintenance Software Mumbai that takes up responsibilities of the society. It is specially made for the people who are irritated managing the responsibility of the society.


It offers peace to the secretary who is always thrust with the society work and doesn’t get time for his personal life. This Society Management Application takes into consideration society accounting, maintenance Bills, Statutory Registers & Documents, Managing Meetings, Managing complaints of the members, Managing Society Investments and Facility Management. The secretary has to simply file and he will be able to use this Society Management System and take the benefit of doing things effectively and without difficulty.


Handling tasks easily is now provided to you by us. So if you have problems with managing your society, then Hamari Society, the Society Maintenance Software is there to serve you. It is simple & efficient society management software in Mumbai, India for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.

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Grab the Benefits of Society Accounting Module through Society Management Application

How many times have you strived with paying dues in your housing society?


Well, if you are living in a worldly, modern society that uses be suited, state-of-the-art Society Management Application, and then maybe not a single time you faced trouble. The reason is easy; you pay online using NEFT or RTGS where the money gets credited to the society account with a single click.


It is the magic of up-to-date technology. Computerization and automation made the things very simple. You get automated SMS pings before the due date. Even if you miss it, an email gets popped up as soon as you login to the mailbox. There is zero chance of missing the deadline. Moreover, you get quick SMS alert and Email notification as soon as you pay the dues.


Handle utility payments using society management software


It’s just a matter of few clicks. You login to the system, select relevant expense head and click the submit button. It gets connected to the internet banking or credit card login where you are needed to fill in login details. You pay the amount and get SMS and Email pings instantly. However, several things happen in the background.


When you access Society Maintenance Software Mumbai to pay the dues, it connects to the bank or financial institution via an intermediate system which is called payment gateway. A reputed gateway is compliant to RBI norms, ISO 27001 standards or PCI. Funds get settled to the bank account of your housing society. The transactions are sheltered and firmed with a high-level encryption algorithm. Hence, you can transact online without any fear of exposure of vital information. Online payment gateway integration is done by the contributor of housing society billing software. You needn’t worry about it because it is precise to the users.


When the software executed in your residential society has integration with a well-founded payment gateway, transaction security is not an issue anymore.


The process of integrating billing gateway


Your housing society becomes the Biller or Merchant because it will gather money electronically. Payment gateway authorities check legal documents, KYC details, and other formalities. After verification and inspection, the society gets registered with the payment gateway. Merchant details get modernized in the system. After successful update, online payment facility gets certified in the software. Now you can utilize it for the payment of dues.


Payment gateway interfaces with all feasible payment choices, e.g. Net Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, etc.


“Hamari Society” is simple & efficient society management software in Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.



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Implement a Modern Apartment Management App in Mumbai Now!


Are you a fellow of the management committee in your housing society? Even if there is a sequencing system in your housing society, the limited tenure of one or two years can also be highly irritating if there is zero automation.


If your society still keeps the stone-age system of accounting ledgers, balance sheets, and registers; then you are in risks. You would spend hours in transaction processing and reuniting. Still, there are chances of manual misconceptions and mistakes.


Go digital, execute a modern Apartment Management App in Mumbai instead. It will revamp regulation, correctness, and customer service. Moreover, your society can improve the use of modern technology.


Since you are required to deal with a lot of people, make it easy by using software


Whether you are the secretary, treasurer or management committee member, it is impractical to avoid people when you carry out these duties. You know, human nature is quirky. There are people who apprehend the significance and seriousness of your job. Simultaneously, there are people who feel that you are the employees of the society and it is your responsibility to help them out. It becomes incredibly frustrating at times.

When everything is handled using an adaptable Apartment Management Software, India, there is a self-help module where users can log in and do many things without proceeding to society office. Thus, you can do the other managerial work and reconciliation with zero disturbances. Since people are themselves responsible for the charges, there are zero delays, late payments, and disputes. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes, the software solves so many issues in just a click.


“Hamari Society” is simple & efficient Housing Society Software, Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated. The software is much more than software; it is a unique system.

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Go cashless with Hamari Society!



Cashless is the jargon today in our country. Every business is striving hard to get adjusted to the new period of digital transactions. If you are controlling a big housing society, then it is a high time to come out of the orthodox thinking.


Accept the reality today and switch to a smart housing society management system in Mumbai software. It makes every operation pretty simple and most beneficially, it gives you the painless benefits of staying away from loads of cash maintenance.


Since housing society has some special demands, it is unfeasible to execute any off-the-shelf ERP system. It should be built as per the requirement specification. If you ask software professionals, then they uphold for well-organized housing society software instead of an uncomplicated accounting module which focuses on the cash inflow-outflow only.


The standard way of managing a society becomes outdated today

This era is a techno-savvy trend. Hence, they desire smart ways of paying the dues. They say no to queues for paying water and electricity dues or property tax.


Which accounting software for housing society is the best?

When you search for the accounting software that satisfies your requirements most, check for these:


Easy setup and installation: Software should be flimsy and easy to install.


Automatically generate bills: Full-fledged society accounting software that can automatically generate bills against each flat, and handle payments such as maintenance charges, electricity bill charges, and water charges, etc.


User-friendly: The software should be easy to use for all, no need to be tech-savvy.


Customization: When you need customization, it should be accessible at the affordable rate. Also, the time occupied for customization should be less.


User support: Make sure you get all-day-and-night user support. Also, all possible modes of interaction should be available (Email, phone, and chat).


Hamari Society has been crafted by taking all the important points of Housing society management. They are an uncomplicated & efficient platform for Co-operative Housing Societies.

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Now get advanced with Society Billing Management Software

The world is now born with the cashless trend! And everyone loves the benefit of it. When you handle the managerial activities in your housing society, how can you entertain a cash-based system?


If you are doing it because there is no automated system, then you must call an honorable company that bestows a comprehensive Housing Society Billing Software for small, medium and large housing localities.


It is not a great thing to follow stone-age techniques in the modern era. Let your housing society set the new quality of regulation and easy-to-use by executing Society Management Apps in MumbaiIt not only makes the ordinary operations but handles a long list of directorial and administrative things.


What can be handled using society software?

Several online and offline activities can be executed automatically and correctly when we use society billing software.

  • Lifting bills on society members (periodically or as and when required)
  • Society accounts management
  • Interacting with auditors
  • Handling books of accounts like ledgers and balance-sheets
  • Bill raising in the established-in-advance format
  • Cash-book maintenance, bank reconciliation
  • Receipt printing, payment management
  • Income and expenditure statement
  • Member’s statement, trial balance

Everything you need to run the society is offered by the society management system

A well-organized Housing Society Billing Software brings everything that is beneficial to run the operations. Accounting and management become instant, simple and easy-peasy. The software is much more than software; it is a comprehensive system.


The system offers an immense pliability of managing the society, members, and accounting. Use of system offers lucidity and easiness of operations. The crystallization of user control is offered by good quality software systems. Periodic upgrade and version control are provided by vendors to keep it usable and relevant.

“Hamari Society” is simple & efficient society management software in Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.



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Want a Serenity of Mind while Managing Housing Society? Download Hamari Society Now!


Housing societies are directed by management committee comprises of the residents. Since they do the work willingly and don’t get any payment, the perception should be to make their task easy and less unwieldy.


Managing the housing society is an all-rounder task where management committee needs to manage legal, financial, housekeeping and managerial tasks. They are expected to do user management, resource management, and people management. If everything is controlled manually, then it becomes a full-time responsibility. Hence, you need a Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai to make the life easy. It is a comprehensive system that can execute a plethora of activities on your behalf.


A whole list of benefits brought to you by society management software

As discussed earlier, the task of society management is quite a difficult one. Hence, you need an inclusive system. Thankfully, Online Society Management System in Mumbai analysts and developers always understands carefully on the changing needs of users. Hence, they keep on revamping the system constantly.

  • Revamped system safety and security
  • Peace of work for every committee member
  • Excellent quality of service to the users
  • High cost-productive because of better utilization of resources
  • No need of doing the work physically
  • Single-window solution for everything that is required to manage a society
  • User-based access control and benefit

Execute fully-integrated software for great work planning

The quality of service you provide to the society members of the society depends on the level of worldliness offered by the system that is used. When you buy an ordinary system that offers a limited functionality, several things are required to be done manually. The system doesn’t integrate smoothly with other subsidiary systems. There is always a likelihood of data unpredictability and ambivalence. Hence, you should choose a multi-skilled and modern Society Management System in Mumbai that makes the things simple.


Selecting housing management software? Here are some priceless guidelines


In the year 2018, take the pledge of becoming techno-witty and execute adaptable housing society software in your city. Yes, when the whole world steps ahead in the technology front, why should you be sluggard?


Performing a completely-developed housing society accounting software is a great idea because of two reasons. Firstly, it makes the seamless and speedy. Secondly, it brings lucidity in the system.


Factors to consider before buying society management software

When you invest in an Online Society Management System in Mumbai, it is very important to choose the best one in the market. It is a one-stop solution to all the problems. Here are some tips to determine the best one:


  • The figures of apartments/housing blocks are the first thing to consider. In fact, it is the highest affecting factor. In small societies or localities, you can organize with small, limited-functionality software. However, for large societies, you need a robust one.
  • User management module should be seamless. When you automate the task of society management, the society members should not feel a need of walking to the society office for small things. They should be able to see their account, manage payments and log complaints online.
  • From the practical view, you should prefer a software module that is well-organized and easy to install. You should not opt for something expensive. The software should be movable, inflatable and malleable. Choose web-based module which you can ingress from anywhere.
  • Robust user management and security are two important aspects. Access-based user management and secure negotiation processing are the basic needs today. The software should use modern data security procedure.
  • Buy the software from well-respected, recognized vendors. There are several software modules in the market, but the best Society Management System in Mumbai picked by you should be the best in the niche.
  • Speed speaks a lot! You should ask the transaction processing speed before concluding the product. Users are not needed to spend a lot of time in making online transactions. Otherwise, it overlooks the purpose.
  • The vendor should give updates and improvements time to time. Always opt for the latest version.
  • Spend adequate time in research before you choose relevant society management software.

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Need a Better Management? Download the Society Management System

People living in housing societies share their duties together by forming a management committee. Often, the members are not full-time basis members. They do it over and above their job and family responsibilities. Hence, they need adaptable housing society software that carries out operative tasks.


Right from organizing utility bills to monthly maintenance accounting and security management to legal issues, there are diverse features of housing society management. The software can direct everything with great security.

When you search for relevant software, it is very much beneficial to look at the functionality. It should manage the end-to-end work management and service management. It should save time and bring lucidity to the system.


Once you find out a right solution and implement it, performance and management of transactions in the housing society management no longer remain a problem.


Execute a workflow-based system that has the following properties

Society Management System in Mumbai makes the things easy by two ways. Firstly, it makes routine operations uncomplicated and achievable. Secondly, it gives a self-help module where society residents can log-in and handle several operative things remotely. Get rid of going to society offices!


When you install a workflow-based system, it becomes quite easy to track and handle a service request. It moves automatically based on actions executed on it. With automated Email and SMS alert notifications, it becomes uncomplicated to announce the stakeholders about the request status.


Don’t presume anything. Rather, talk to the representative of software Development Company you are buying the Society Maintenance Software Mumbai from.

Is the software user-friendly and modular?


It is very much beneficial that you execute software that is modular and user-friendly. The majority of the things should be manageable. After serving the baseline setup information, you should be able to describe all other frameworks on your own.


Obtain benefits by executing Online Society Management System in Mumbai

  • Handle all financial and accounting transactions
  • Workflow-based, user-friendly interface
  • All-inclusive MIS reports and at-a-glance view of the whole system
  • Bank reunion
  • Data privacy

“Hamari Society”, the Society Management System, provides you round-the-clock support system which you will never regret. Download the app now!




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Societies revamp management system by executing automated systems

What is the best thing to manage housing society? We are not talking about aesthetic improvements such as applying a new color scheme or changing the landscape. We can still say it as an important factor, but right now we are concentrating on qualitative improvement in the management of day-to-day affairs.


So which is the best way to connect better with the society members? When you are a member of the society management committee, you would love to contact with everyone in the society to build a deep bond. Do you think it is possible? It is not because you have a zero hour.


In the modern world of technology, you can do it in another way. You can implement a Society Management Software, Mumbai which is actually a full-fledged management system. It has modules and sub-modules and a long array of reports.


With proven competence, it is an asset for your society

Keeping track of operative and managerial activities becomes surprisingly uncomplicated when you install an adaptable management system. You can shape a good future by well-organizing operational things. Not only the routine and repetitive tasks become swift and accurate; you can also broadcast the information quickly to each stakeholder.


Whether it is a customized product or generic Online Society Management System in Mumbai, revamped efficiency is guaranteed. Yes, you need money for it, but the advantages replace the expenses. Nowadays, you can execute cloud-based software also if you don’t want to spend on hardware and infrastructure.

Handle Complaint and suggestion management better


In big societies, there are many members. Each member has some or other challenges, complaint, and suggestion. Taking care of the same is next to unfeasible manually. Why worry when you can manage it utilizing the software for housing society?

Yes, there is a complaint tracking module in society management software that authorizes the members to introduce complaints and record the suggestions. Management committee can determine the frequency of looking into the same and reply (usually it is kept once a week).


It is a workflow-based tracking system where everyone can view the progress of the request, suggestion or complaint. In such case, they should look for best Society Management Apps in Mumbai that can integrate voice system with data. The more complex system you choose the functionality and cost both increases.

“Hamari Society” is simple & efficient society management software in Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.


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Legal Duties on Housing Societies Make the Use of Billing Software Compulsory

According to the working manual issued by the respective state government, the management committee of every housing society has to obey particular task and responsibilities. They are compulsory, and there is no exception to it.

Earlier, when the societies were small, and the number of owners was limited, it was quite easy to satisfy the lawful duties manually.

However, in metros and big cities, there are massive residential complexes with thousands of residents. It is just impractical to manage the same in the old-fashioned way.

The need for sharp-witted and worldly system results in the enhancing use of Apartment Maintenance Software in Mumbai. Today, every society utilizes some or other type of software.

Size, entanglement, and cost of the software depend on user requirement.

What are the task and responsibilities that need an automated system?

The instruction issued by the government talks about several features big and small. Some of them do not need a software module, e.g. every society needs to put a board in the front which should state the name and address of the society, registration number.

However, to manage accounting and management related norms, you need sharp and quick Society Management Application in Mumbai:

  • Each society has to call a general meeting to determine maintenance amount, security deposit and repair charges. All these need to be documented and kept in the system.
  • Monthly meetings need to be declared formally and minutes are to be recorded. Members should know the agenda already.
  • A society must declare the duration of the working committee, and before finishing the term, elections should happen without fail.
  • After taking charge, the committee is requisite to authenticate the same on stamp paper. From the date of authentication, the validity of the record becomes the liability of the new committee.
  • All vacant posts need to be filled within announced time limit.
  • Maintenance of records is the most beneficial responsibility of the management committee. To make it clarified and correct, experts recommend the use of an automated society management

“Hamari Society” is simple & efficient Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.



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Grab Smart and Effective Society Management Software for Better Operations

What gives a push to the growth of urban population in India? Well, there are some factors for it. High calibre of living, better growth prospects, good educational equipment and introduction to the best and the latest; these are primary reasons.

As the demand for good quality housing enhances, it becomes inescapable to use Society Maintenance Software Mumbai for better management of housing colonies. As the space crisis enhances, multistoried buildings and skyscrapers satisfy the need of better and more houses.

In big cities and metros, housing society management is more methodical and organized. People use new-age software modules to run managerial and accounting tasks well.

Possessing a house in big cities is a costly affair

It is a fact that owning a house, apartment or flat requires a big investment. When people buy properties by paying handsome amounts, they desire better management. It is unworkable to do it manually. You must execute an adaptable Housing Society Management System in Mumbai to accomplish excellence in it.

In every housing society, there is a management committee that supervisions expense payment, accounting, interest calculation and various other things.

As people working in management committees have other occupancies, they do not have adequate time to spend on operational tasks. When you execute Online Society Management System in Mumbai things become pretty uncomplicated.

Since these software modules are aimed towards communities and housing societies of small and medium sizes, people find it useful.

Four applications of society management software

Society management software is helpful in managing four different ways.

Accounting: Accounting module has two different applications; for accountants and auditors. Data entry modules are easy as abc. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. Even people with basic computing skills can utilize it for a double-entry accounting system.

Income and expense management system: You can keep a record or evidence of members who have paid the dues, or unpaid the dues and who are the defaulters? You must be aware about the details stored in the software module.

Communication: Changes made in the management system are notified by SMS and email system.

“Hamari Society” is simple & efficient society management software in Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.



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Adaptable, Inclusive Housing Society Management Software Makes Operations Easy

Apartment Management App in MumbaiNon-segregated townships and ownership flats in the individual building are chosen by people in big cities and metros. As the shortage of land enhances further and property prices make new high year after year, everyone wants to have house owned by you instead of a rented one.


It is needless to say that running housing society also becomes a furthermore difficult job. In a planned society where thousands of people live in hundreds of flats, you need a methodical, computer-controlled system to manage & control the stuff.


Apartment Management App in Mumbai is an unsegregated module (Web-based or cloud-based) with some user-friendly interfaces. By using it, a housing society can carry out transactions powerfully and systematically.


It lessens the dependability on human resources and enhances correctness. Housing Society Management System in Mumbai revamps operative coherence and lessens the risk of permitted obligation.


It is a multi-features, multipurpose software program

Managing a housing society isn’t easy as 123. It requires motivation and time-management. Also, it needs thorough knowledge of Accounting, housekeeping, administration and much more.


With the advancement of technology, there are several choices available to manage & control the same electronically using Online Society Management System in Mumbai.


Modern inclusive software solutions make it pretty simple. The relevant software lessens the workload and keeps people free for handling further important tasks.


Financial transactions become easy and simple & submitting statutory data doesn’t remain a challenge. You can choose relevant software from the long list of choices, based on your individual needs.


You need to opt for the best software that is developed by experts who know the essence of it, end to end. Good software always offers these three critically important modules:

Management Module: The module takes care of operative accountabilities and manages massive transactions by providing simple, user-friendly interfaces. It provides helpdesk, self-help section, parking and premises management, asset management, facility booking, etc. The objective of this module is to authorize people to manage daily operations smoothly and easily.


Accounting module: This module manages all financial tasks and carries out billing and accounting transactions, generated financial reports and offers accounting information to the relevant users.


Community module: This module is for administrators who can handle loads of documents and share them with the appropriate people. The module saves a lot of time and difficulties of managing large societies.


“Hamari Society” is simple & efficient society management software in Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.

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